Golf Betting
— Basic Wagers

Thinking of betting on golf? Here some information that will
help you stay out of the sand trap and rough when PGA tour betting.

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When betting on golf the two most common wagers are putting money
on the golfer that you think will win (Betting to Win) or wagering
on match-ups (Match-up Betting). Various sportsbooks offer different
variations and choices when it comes to these types of wagers
and golf betting in general.

Betting to Win

This is the most common golf betting opportunity with the PGA
tournament schedule running almost every week throughout the year.
That means you’ll have around 50 wagering opportunities
from January through December.

Top golfers, anywhere from two to 10, are usually listed somewhere
from 5/1 to 14/1. An additional three dozen will carry odds ranging
from 15/1 to 200/1. That leaves approximately 40 or more who are
not listed individually but rather found under the category of
the field. These are lesser-known and less accomplished pros.
You can wager on everyone else– the field—at odds of around

Some sports betting sites also offer futures PGA tour betting
& wagering on the four major tournaments—the Masters,
the PGA Championship, the US Open and the British Open. As with
any futures wagering (the term “futures” refers to
placing a bet on an event weeks or months before it occurs), you’ll
usually get higher odds even on favorites because this type of
bet is more risky due to the fact that it’s tough to tell
how a particular player will perform that far ahead of time. Four
months before the Masters is played, who knows if Tiger Woods,
Phil Mickelson or Vijay Singh will be at the top of their game?
You could see these leading pros listed at 10/1 or maybe even
12/1 in futures betting and at 5/1 or 6/1 the week of the tournament.

Match-up Betting

With this type of wager in golf betting, sportsbooks will pit
one golfer against another in head-to-head competition. Because
oddsmakers create these match-ups, they vary from site to site.
It’s a good idea to check out numerous online wagering sites
to see which one offers what you determine to be a good mismatch.
For more information on this type of pga golf betting read our
golf betting
lines page which explains how the betting side of the golf
odds work.

As with any type of wagering, you should get to know the sport
and the players first. Betting in the dark or on a hunch lessens
your chances of winning. At Maddux Sports our handicappers
don’t give out golf selections but there are sites that provide
golf pick services that can be very helpful. These services tend
to be competitively priced and are especially useful to the long-term
bettor. Whether or not you decide to use a golf handicapper, our
article on making accurate golf
picks is a must read for the golf bettor.

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