Janet Musshafen of Chili is in favor of the gaming option.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that,” said Musshafen. “It’s what a majority of people do, from what I know of, and it would make it more convenient.”

The regulations allow for in-person betting at casinos, but don’t allow for mobile betting.

“Gambling online can be very addicting compared to in-person gambling,” said John Hoey of Poughkeepsie. “I love the thrill and excitement of gambling.”

The rules also require casinos to have a sports wagering lounge to accept bets, and they’ll pay a tax on revenues.

Matt Lahey of Poughkeepsie said this is a good first step toward authorizing sports betting.

“It keeps your interest in the sport itself, makes it more fun to watch,” said Lahey.

Musshafen agreed.

“My husband doesn’t believe in gambling with the machines, but that he would do,” she said.

New york state moves closer to allowing sports betting The demand is great

During the preliminary vote, a member of the Gaming Commission said, “The proposed regulations seek to protect the integrity of wagering and ensure the sports wagering remains within the scope of activity the legislature authorize.”

Racinos and OTBs such as Batavia Downs Gaming, however, were left out of the regulations.

New york state moves closer to allowing sports betting del Lago

Batavia Downs CEO Henry Wojtaszek said sports betting should be allowed at Western Regional Off-Track Betting (WROTB) and at OTBs around the state.

“The demand is great for sports wagering; people love to bet on games,” he said.

New york state moves closer to allowing sports betting NEW YORK

Wojtaszek is betting on lawmakers to pass legislation to make it legal for them, too.

“The rules are out. The rules are reasonable,” said Wojtaszek. “We are hoping to be competitive relative to the sports waging industry. We believe it would help us in terms of our business and, again, our ability to return our resources to the community.”

In a statement, Steven Greenberg, spokesperson for del Lago Resort & Casino said the venue will be ready to offer sports betting.

We have continued to let the Gaming Commission know of our customers’ desire for sports betting and our readiness to offer this gaming option for our customers as soon as regulations are put in place. We are happy that the regulations are finally moving forward. As soon as they are finalized, del Lago Resort & Casino will be ready to go. Our customers want this form of gaming and we’re excited to be able to offer it to them.

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New york state moves closer to allowing sports betting
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