One of the newer trends in NFL betting is allowing you to make wagers during
the course of the game. In the past, all bets had to be made before the game
started and then it was time just to sit and sweat the game. Now, with the help
of technology, you can place additional bets as the game goes on.

These options are not available at every site so if this interests you, make
sure that you find a site that offers this. Also, each site that offers it will
offer it a different level meaning that some sites will only have a few in-game
betting options and some sites will have a ton. Find the site that has the
options that fit your needs best. While the most options sounds like the best,
it can be overwhelming for casual and recreational bettors especially if the
site’s interface for live betting isn’t top notch.

"Home Base" NFL Betting Sites

When we talk about your home base NFL betting site, we’re referring to the
site where you will house most of your action. Even though you will be line
shopping on all of your bets because you’re a smart bettor (we will cover this
in a minute), this will be the first place you start and where you place most of
your bets if all the lines come out the same on a particular bet.

When looking for this site, there are a few things that are going to be the
most important factors to keep in mind. First, you are going to want to find a
site that offers a wide variety of NFL bets. You’re not going to want just basic
bets, but you’re going to want some flexibility in what they offer in case you
see new angles that you want to press. Some sites that you’re going to use
strictly for line shopping won’t have all of these options.

If you’re curious about the different types of bets offered on the NFL,
this link we’ve put
together has an extensive breakdown of each type of bet as well as
associated strategies to go with each type.

Second, you are going to want this site to have an extremely user-friendly
interface that you are fully comfortable with using. As you will be spending the
most time on this site, you are going to want to make sure it doesn’t drive you
bonkers to use. It needs to be fast with a clean and easy to navigate interface.

Additionally, you may want to look into a site that has some research tools
to help you make your picks. While this isn’t necessary, it could be a bonus to
help you out and would be great to have on your home platform.

Super Bowl Betting Sites

The biggest spectacle in the NFL or all of sports for that matter might be
the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the Championship game between the winners of
each conference to determine that season’s champion. It’s also one of the
largest betting events of the year. The total amount of bets for Super Bowl 51
was $4.7 Billion.

Betting on the Super Bowl brings out sports bettors that never bet on
anything else all year. It brings out recreational and first-time bettors and is
a great way to get people introduced to the hobby or money making opportunity.
Betting on the Super Bowl is much like betting on a regular game except on a
much bigger scale. The big effect on selecting a site to bet on during the Super
Bowl is that sites that normally don’t offer much NFL action will offer a lot of
bets on the big game.

What does this mean for you? This means there are going to be more
sportsbooks offering lines which mean a lot more opportunities to find a great
line on the bet you are interested in. To help you out with selecting a site
specifically for betting on the Super Bowl, we’ve put together a full guide on
the event and how to bet on it. Not only do we recommend the best sites to place
your wagers at, but we also give you some great background information and
important betting strategies.

Nfl betting sites for 2019 - best places to bet on the nfl In the past

We also included on this page a chart that shows how much money was wagered
each year in Las Vegas on the big game and how much the casino sportsbooks made
or lost on each game.


Nfl betting sites for 2019 – best places to bet on the nfl
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