Betrobot is a telegram app bot. It is been run by some unknown group of people. The claim to never have lost a bet. That is the do arbitrage betting also called bets that can’t lose or sure bets.

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If you don’t know what is telegram is,permit me to tell you briefly before moving on.

Telegram is a texting app just like whatsapp,it can either be found on App store or Google store. You can download it here: TELEGRAM

Arbitrage betting is a betting in which an individual places a bet on the different outcomes of the same bet. It is totally legal and arbs is been caused by different opinions in bookies(betting companies).

For example : A match between chelsea vs tottenham. Bet365 has its over 3+ goals options at 3.00 and it’s under 3+ goals at 2.00. While that same match at skybet has its over 3+ goals at 2.00 and it’s under 3+ goals at 3.00. If you place a bet of $200 on both outcomes(over and under) at the different bookies. You will make a guaranteed profit of $100 plus your betting money. And that is what betrobot claims they do, for more info on arbitrage betting, Google is your friend.

Am going to give you a strategy on how to invest in betrobot with mathematical proofs so that you won’t loose your money.

Betrobot has a rate of 6% per day return on your investment and that is 180% per month. But that’s a long term risk factor. They also allows daily withdrawal as long as you have 0.01btc in your income wallet now most people would like to start at their minimum investments and then reinvest to accumulate profits before the withdraw. They might scam anytime. Though this type program has a life span of 6 to 12 months.


  1. Invest with 0.35 btc
  2. Withdraw every day for 17 days.

The minimum investment is 0.02 btc but I recommend you start with 0.35 btc. When you invest 0.35 btc your daily profits will be able to reinvest starting from day one(1) of your investment.

Mathematical prove

Percentage Rate = 6%, minimum withdrawal = 0.01btc, minimum investment=0.02btc, advised investment =0.35 btc.

Note: 6% =0.06

0.35 × 0.06 = 0.021(daily returns)

Now 0.021 × 17(days) = 0.357btc


The plan is to pull out your money every day for 17 days and you will be at zero risk, that is gotten your invested money back, and also have a little profit, also with 13 days extra left of profit on top of that.

You can also join and refer members if you don’t have enough money to join. When you have received enough money then you can invest.

Betrobot strategy – betrobot – medium you briefly before



Betrobot strategy – betrobot – medium
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