The question most heard at the bar last night was “how’s your bracket?” Did Kansas State hurt? How about Nevada? How about those of you that got creative with Nevada or Belmont? Well, Virginia didn’t lose in the first round this year (though they were down 14 at one point), so most brackets haven’t lost their champion yet. Don’t worry. The first weekend isn’t over yet!

The round by round is still something to pay attention to even if your real bracket isn’t busted. Something is still on the line!

I picked only five right in this region. Kansas looked better than they have in a month, so that upset never materialized. Washington rolled a pretty good Utah State team. Now we get to head on to the second round!

Only two of the lower seeds advanced here, the least of any bracket. All of the nine seeds won, and New Mexico State was the only 12 seed that did not. Wofford was also the only seven seed to survive.

Midwest region second round predictions – gamingcopy picked only five right

That’s the good part of the round by round. It’s a clean slate! Let’s get to the Midwest region picks!

Midwest region second round predictions – gamingcopy were down

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Midwest region second round predictions – gamingcopy
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