To many American sports bettors, crackdowns on online books have made it much harder to wager action on their favorite events. To those who made a profession out of sports betting or at least supplemented their income handsomely with wagering, exploring alternatives is an imminent decision. One option for sports betting is to always find a local bookie, although it doesn’t offer the safety and security that online betting once held. The other route that many pro sports bettors take is packing up and moving to Vegas.

Of course there are many reasons for living in Las Vegas besides an affinity for betting on sports. That being said, there is no other place in America that can provide the amount of daily betting versatility that Sin City can. Let’s help to decide then if living in Vegas is a wise decision for a sports bettor by weighing the pros and cons.


Access to Sportsbooks

Obviously the main reason why a sports bettor would move to Vegas is for the proximity to actually being able to wager on games. You can place a bet legally at certain spots in Delaware, Oregon, and Montana but easily the mecca of sports gambling (in the USA at least) is Las Vegas. Professional bettors also have the advantage of visiting book to book to find variations in lines, creating the opportunities for a hedge bet or simply to get the best line on their coveted game. You can search for some of the best online games on the web but the most reliable way to make a wager in person is in Vegas baby.

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Industry Paradise

Besides the actual wagering, Vegas is also the center of the sports betting industry for the niche itself. Local radio shows talk about the lines and feature betting angles on the games that you won’t find on a national level. Strip malls are filled with sports betting consultants offices (possible employment opportunities) and talking about the spread of a game isn’t taboo like it is in other parts of the country.

No Shortage of Places to Watch a Game

For those with wagers on multiple games at the same time there is no better way to enjoy the excitement than in the sportsbook with literally hundreds of TVs tuned to different games. Plus, people visiting and living in Vegas come from all over the world which is why you’ll find many team-centric taverns or groups of fans to cheer with adding to the enjoyment.

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Costs are Generally Low

The general cost of living in Vegas is low with affordable rent and a bevy of transportation options. Inexpensive buffets can still be found if you know where to look and some sportsbooks even comp your meals if you wager extensively. Vegas was hit hard by the recession and the burst of the housing bubble which is now a benefit as many low-cost homes can still be had.

Interact With Fellow Gamblers

There’s nothing to create a bond with a stranger quite like having action on the same bet. One of the biggest gripes about people who move to Vegas is difficulty in finding regular friends because everybody keeps such crazy schedules. Spend some time in a sportsbook however and you’ll get to know other regulars who share the same passion in sports and betting as you do.


Finding Other Areas of Employment

Something that Vegas is still working on is creating a diverse market for employment. A majority of the jobs in Las Vegas are in the hospitality and tourist industry obviously – which isn’t for everybody. Then again, if you do your due diligence in researching sports bets and controlling your bankroll, you won’t need outside employment hopefully!

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Pros and cons of sports bettors living in las vegas : las vegas 360
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