Insider Sports Betting – Baseball Edition – is our new sports betting course. This course was made for anyone and everyone interested in wagering on baseball. From understanding why betting baseball is the best and easiest major North American sport to wager on, to the introduction and explanation of advanced pitching and hitting Sabermetric statistics – this course has it all!!

Whether you are looking to understand wagering on baseball or if you have bet on baseball for years, this course is for you! You WILL learn something from this course!

This course has been created with all levels of baseball enthusiasts in mind with sections dedicated to basic and advanced statistical analysis as well as sections covering expert sports betting concepts. If you want to develop a sound baseball betting strategy, enroll in this course!!

Insider sports betting - baseball edition sports betting

With 2.5 hours of video content broken down into 5 manageable sections, Insider Sports Betting takes you from learning what a moneyline is, all the way to utilizing a preset bankroll range for all of your wagers.

As an added bonus, this course features tons of screen capture dispersed throughout the lectures in order to SHOW you how we do what we do!

To top it all off, we have included a PDF Twitter guide that lists all the accounts you should follow throughout the MLB in order to stay up to the second with your baseball betting knowledge.

Get out your notebook, put on your lucky shirt and sign up today to get complete access to our industry leading content and start consistently picking winners!!

**In order to place online sports wagers, you require a membership for an online sports book. Prior to signing up, check the legality of sports wagering in your area


Insider sports betting – baseball edition
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