How To Analyze Sports Statistics

What is the best way to determine which statistics are worth using while discarding ones that aren’t as important? It varies with every sport, of course, but there are general stats such as wins, losses and winning percentage that will help bettors make informed decisions when putting their money down.

Home and away records

When you’re looking at standings — regardless of the sport — don’t just view wins and losses. A telling stat bettors often ignore is home and away records, which can often be determining factors in winning or losing your wagers. It’s typically not very wise to bet a large amount of cash on an away team with a losing road record, regardless of how hot they may be heading into their upcoming matchup.

Other key stats

Another helpful stat to consider is goals or points for during the season. The Washington Capitals boast one of the greatest offensive teams in the National Hockey League and should always be considered threats in any wager.

For instance, the Caps scored an Eastern Conference-leading 248 goals for and averaged 3.02 goals per game, which ranked second overall during the 2015-16 campaign. Factor in that the club had Vezina Trophy-winning netminder Braden Holtby between the pipes, so confidence in betting on the Capitals reached a new high.

The National Basketball Association is another sport where high-scoring teams can help you score on your betting slip. The Golden State Warriors are an easy team to put your money on when making an over/under wager. With Steph Curry and Klay Thompson — also known as the Splash Brothers — among the league leaders in three-point percentage every season, taking the over on many nights is the correct move. To put it into perspective how good the Warriors are from beyond the arc, Curry made a league-leading 402 three pointers during the 2015-16 season — 126 more than teammate Thompson, who finished second in the NBA.

The Green Bay Packers proved that winning streaks could also pay off handsomely during the 2016 season when the club went on an eight-game victory ride. A lot of their success could be attributed to the play of Aaron Rodgers, who finished fourth in the NFL in passing yards with 4428. The Packers also had help from superstar wide receiver Jordy Nelson, who reeled in a league-leading 14 touchdown passes from Rodgers.

Preparation will translate to betting victories, that’s if you’re willing to put in the extra work. Ease into it and pick a few stats that may enhance your chances of coming out on top. As you get better at understanding certain stats, progressively build on your betting research.

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Sports betting stats : how to analyze sports statistics home and away

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Sports betting stats : how to analyze sports statistics
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