[Verse 1]

[Mr. Eon]
I'm feeling lucky today, gonna picture my dome mention
Light a whole bitch and get this dough then I'm going fishing
Call my local waves, tape it and make paper and cheese
Top of the third, down 15 G's

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
I be the big time neighborhood bookie, looky here already
I don't trust you, let's make that one thing clear, okay?
Wall Street rich boy, get off my dick
I'll place this one little bet for you, but then that's it

[Mr. Eon]
Times are a lot, need I say anymore?
To the crew in last night, Doc was sniffing the scores
Double or nothing, we'll make this dough back
While the radio listening it, we're knocking this coke back

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
I'll tell you this, you better not be trying to get over
I don't really feel comfortable, I don't know ya
Mikey Frankie vouched for you, said you's good people
But if you don't pay your debts then I'mma come see you

What you wanna do?
I wanna get paid
The series has got to last 7 games
Wanna make a smart move?
Leave it on the Mets

[Verse 2]

[Mr. Eon]
Got people in the office taking the Mets
Put their paper on L.A., now betting what they paid
Wifey at home is getting all nosey
Suppose she know I'm flirty, she's deep in the Jonesy?

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
Wait a sec now, hold up, not so fast
Fuck this double or nothing shit, I want my cash
If I don't get my cash then your ass is mine
I'mma place this here bet for you this one last time

[Mr. Eon]
A strong man is about to bust out the [?]
A couple'll get pumped, Jonesy ain't no punk
What the fuck am I into? I'm a family man
Snorting the mortgage, ain't this a nice portrait?

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
You a ignorant, gambling fiend
Why you wanna lose all your green? Fuck the Dodgers
They got that crackhead strawberry playing on their team
The only way they're gon' win is if it's in your dream

Oh, you got the money?
This ain't no fucking joke anymore, seriously
Just put a $120,000 on tomorrow's game
It is close already, that

[Verse 3]

[Mr. Eon]
''That's it'' was written on the wall in graffiti
My insurance, a one way ticket to Tahiti
The media says series is tied up, I'm flied up
All I can see is Jonesy firing me up

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
Listen, you faggot, and you listen good
I wanna make sure that it's understood, we don't play this shit in the hood
I'mma let of lead in your head soon
Bloodshed soon, blood-red soon, you gon' be dead soon

[Mr. Eon]
Nah, I got this, nobody is coming back for free, yo
It's not gonna be down 12-hundred in C-notes
Don't got that, I'm praying Dodger blew
A bum out of luck, what's a man gonna do?

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
Two in the morning, time to handle my biz
It's 2:15, I got my boys and we up in ya crib
They put a slug in your wife, I put a slug in your kid
Was you really that stupid, thought I'd let you live?


R.a. the rugged man – betcha life lyrics want my cash    If

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R.a. the rugged man – betcha life lyrics
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