I registered with Racebets after seeing they were offering the best odds in a horse running the next day, most bookies were offering 20/1 but racebets offered 33/1, but there was a catch, I signed up and I read the promotion advertised in their website that you can get a matched free bet of upto £50, all standard payment method and wagering terms applied as expected, I made my first deposit of £50 via PayPal and added my selection to the betting slip, I tried to place a £25 E/W bet but a message appeared in screen to say I couldn’t place more than £20 each way at those odds, I’m wasn’t all that bothered since I was still getting much better odds than other bookies, an hour later I received an email saying my account was restricted and I could no longer place bets at fixed odds but rather at the SP and their decision was final and no further communication on the matter would be discussed, but it did state that although I could no longer opt in to any further promotions for free bets but the welcome offer that matched my first bet I could still receive, I did phone the company and I spoke to a guy who was very polite and helpful and I had mentioned I had read so many negative reviews about the company and his tone automatically changed and he took offence as if it was his company I was critizing (it could very well be him running it from his basement somewhere lol) and he assured me that wasn’t fair and the overwhelming majority of customers had a great service and experience with racebets, I went to opt into the new customer offer which I was still entitled too and of course! My account was not allowed to opt into it like the email said, from what I can gather the email I received is the same every single customer receives after registering or depositing and placing a bet, my selection didn’t win and although I feel cheated by a fake promo and a dodgy bookie god only know what would’ve happened if I won and tried to withdraw my winnings, I’m not a disgruntled punter, I simply trusted the company and the promotion as advertised through attheraces.com but I guess it’s best to stick to the big bookies like sky bet or bet365 they have decades in the business and a good reputation, take my advice if you are thinking of registering with a bookie for a new customer free bet promo or for slightly better odds, there are dozens or reputable bookmakers out there, it’s a shame that all new customers get that generated email about restricting accounts because you could’ve had loyal punters using your service for years to come, just thought I’d give my opinion

Racebets international gaming reviews My account was not

Resourse: https://trustpilot.com/review/

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Racebets international gaming reviews
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