Some scenarios would result in losses even after placing the sure bets. After all, sports betting is a form of gambling with risks involved.

  • You must be quick to identify arbitrage bets – to get opportunities to place arbitrage bets; you must act fast to identify the game and the bookmaker with the most variant odds to get a high percent profit.

As a result, arbitrageurs should subscribe to sports arbitrage services that inform them of available arbitrage opportunities at a cost. Although this helps to identify the arbitrage events, the costs may be too high thus lowering the possible profits. Additionally, one may get late in acquiring the information leading to loss of money paid as subscription costs.

  • Arbitrageurs need many bookmaker accounts. To perform sure bets you have to open accounts with different bookmakers and load each account with stakes. This amounts may be too high to max out for your bankroll.
  • Constant Money Moving. Since results can’t be even across all the bookmakers, the arbitrageur is usually a victim of money moving and the costs involved. Other than attracting commissions, money moving also results in suspicion from the bookmaker.

This may lead to account closure or confiscation of winnings leading to losses. Make sure you have a look at all the fees involved for different deposit and withdrawal options on the different websites.

  • Currency conversion costs. Since you will be using many different bookmakers they might offer different betting currencies which also could lead to costs for the currency exchange.
  • Bookmakers have inhibitive policies. Due to fear of losing to arbitrageurs, various bookmakers have inhibitive policies against arbitrageurs. Policies such as maximum stake limits and following your staking plan hinder arbitrageurs from making profits.
  • Bookmakers change your personal odds. When you win on a regular basis on a certain online bookmaker they could lower your odds, this actually happened to us once during our arbitrage betting session.

If this is the case your betting odds will differ from the arbitrage betting services you are subscribing to.

Sometimes the bookmakers will remove a certain bet that you placed. It could be because they realize they made a mistake when setting the odds. This could increase your exposure to the current sure bet and you could lose all your profit the this bet.

Worse case scenario the bookmakers could close your account if you are winning to much and too often.

  • Slight loss of focus causes massive losses. In sports arbitrage, the slightest loss of attention results in huge losses. Making the wrong decisions can lead to mind-blowing losses.

However, as long as we have a market of many different online sports betting websites, there will always arise arbitrage betting opportunities.

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Paper on "The Limits of Arbitrage" from McMaster University

Sure bets making $1000+/month – the secret of arbitrage betting revealed To perform sure bets you

Sure Bets Services

When online sports betting websites started the first services they offered email based sure bets services. People were finding different arbitrage betting on the different bookmaker websites and then sent out an email to their service subscribers.

Next, we have software that searches and finds sure bets online. These programs will be installed on your own computer. It will have to be running and scanning for arbitrage betting opportunities. You will find online based variations of these as well.

Then you have sure bets alert services. They will send out alerts either by email or SMS to you when their services find anything of interest.


Now that you know how sure bets work, you will be able to start using this concept and make money. When done properly, betting arbitrage can offer you great opportunity to earn money.

Sure bets is a great place for you to work from your most convenient place. Make sure you gather sufficient information about the current sure bets before investing in it.

Always have a good bankroll management strategy when building up a sure bets bankroll. Keep a betting journal, be disciplined and put in the hard work and you will see your bankroll get bigger and richer.

With sure bets sports betting becomes a way to invest money instead of gambling.​

So you see, making $1000+/month is easier than you may have thought. By carefully following the tips here you’ll be well on your way.


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Sure bets making $1000+/month – the secret of arbitrage betting revealed
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