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MLB baseball is America’s pastime, and studies say 1 in every 4 Americans are active sports bettors. It is no surprise every sports betting site period offers MLB wagering opportunities. In this article I cover the various ways to bet baseball online. First, let me state and elaborate on a fact. Where you make your wagers is of vital importance for baseball betting.

Baseball Moneylines

In case you’re very new to sports betting, moneyline betting is the most popular way to bet baseball. In moneyline betting odds can be positive or negative. When positive, you’re dealing with an underdog. The odds represent how much a $100 stake would pay; for example, +145 is risk $100 to win $145. When negative. you’re dealing with a favorite, and the odds represent how much you need to stake to win $100. For example, -160 is risk $160 to win $100. You can bet in increments other than $100.00. You can bet as much or as little as you’d like, but the payouts are proportional to the $100 base.

Getting the Best Baseball Odds

An important first term for baseball bettors to understand is dimeline. This is the benchmark bettors are looking for in a baseball betting site. To explain, a moneyline of Yankees -160 / Blue Jays +140 is a 20 cent line, because the gap is 20 cents. Many bookmakers that are great during other seasons are not ideal for baseball. This is because they have 20 cent lines. For baseball you want look for sites that offer a 10-cent line (called a dimeline). This leads to getting better odds.

Best Baseball Dimeline Sportsbooks

5Dimes Baseball Betting

  • – Offers dimelines up to -191 (then progressive with no .20 lines until -266)
  • – Offers dimelines up to -199.
  • – Offers dimelines up to -141, (then .15 lines up to -179)

The above betting sites are US friendly and well ranked on our sportsbook rating guide. Now that I’ve covered which online bookmakers are best for betting baseball, let me get into more specifics on the ways to bet baseball.

Types of baseball Bets

There are many ways to bet baseball. As already mentioned, moneylines, a simple bet on which team will win, is most common. I cover other ways to bet baseball in this section.

Baseball Runlines

The runline is an alternative method for betting baseball. This method involves a point spread such as Red Sox -1.5 / Blue Jays +1.5. In this example, if the Red Sox win by 1 run, those who bet them lose, and those who bet the Blue Jays win. This is because the -1.5 indicates the Red Sox are a 1.5 run favorite and must cover that spread. The Blue Jays +1.5 indicates they are the underdog. They win, for betting purpose, by either winning the game outright or not losing by more than 1.5 runs. The best odds on runline betting are at 5Dimes.

Total Betting

In total betting, the bookmaker predicts the amount of runs, say 8.5 for example, both teams will combine to score. Bettors can wager whether the total runs scored will go over or under the posted betting total. This is a popular wagering option offered by all online betting sites.

Prop Betting

For baseball all sorts of odds on unique propositions are available. This is especially true for major games such as the ESPN game of the week, playoff games, and the World Series. You can bet on things like which team will score first or will there be a run in the first inning. You can bet over/under how many strike outs a pitcher will have, how many home runs there will be in the game and so much more. Props are available at most all betting sites, but 5Dimes tends to have the most markets and lowest juice.

Live Betting is not great for baseball prematch due to 20 cent lines. What they are awesome for is in-play live betting. Their live betting interface has odds on several games each day that are already in progress. You can watch the game on TV and make prop bets on each batter. Will they either a) strike out or walk, b) reach base by hit or error, or c) any other outcome. You can also wager between half-innings on adjusted moneylines, runlines and totals. If you plan to live bet baseball is the best choice.

Future Betting

Another popular form of baseball wagering is future betting. Before opening day you can make wagers on whether a team will win over or under a certain number of games. Additionally, wagering is available on which team will win the World Series. Most sites offer odds on American League and National League winner too. At certain points of the season, you’ll also see 5Dimes has a market on which team will win each division. You might also find yes or no odds on if a team will make the playoffs.

Future Content

While this concludes my article on baseball betting online, please stay tuned. I plan to add more content including advanced baseball betting strategy soon. Until then, I wish you a profitable 2019 MLB baseball betting season.


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