With the massive growth of the gambling industry, we got the ability to bet on sports all over the world, with just a single button. Unfortunately, not all sports betting sites are equal. Here we will list 5 tips to look for when choosing betting site, and in the end we will list the betting sites that we use and which sites we prefer.

Security – Above all, you want to restrict your online sports betting activities to sites that offer maximum protection. This can usually be achieved by isolating websites that are regulated by top jurisdictional groups. That would include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Try to avoid places like Costa Rica.

Reputation – Most of the top online betting sites can attribute its success to having a solid reputation. A site’s reputation is usually dictated by its ability to provide fair betting odds and plenty of betting options. Above all, making consistent payouts in a timely manner says a lot about the bookmaker and how they operate. If there are any doubts, watchdog sites like Casinomeister can be very helpful when trying to identify rogue providers.

Betting Markets – Most sports bettors want to be in action on a year-round basis. With this in mind, many of the best online bookmakers offer a large menu of betting markets from all over the globe. There’s no need for you to settle for websites that put most of the focus on sports like soccer or basketball. You should have no problems finding a reputable sports betting site that offers betting on everything from top professional sports in America (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA sports) to popular sports in both Europe and Asia.

Betting Options – Today’s typical sports bettor is looking to derive maximum value from a minimum investment. As such, most of the top sports betting sites offer parlays or accumulators, teasers, future bets and prop bets on specific sports events. It’s also common to find top betting sites that offer the ability to wager from mobile devices. If you want to bet while on the go, you should focus on websites that offer a mobile betting site that is equal to the bookmaker’s Internet betting site.

Which betting site is the best? - sports betting sites to settle for websites

Bonuses and Promotions – When all things are equal, it would be prudent to select betting sites that offer the best and most lucrative bonuses. The best bonuses come in the form of free bets based on the amount of the bettor’s initial first deposit or first live bet. Of course, the largest monetary offers are not always the best offers. A bonus’ term and conditions can certainly affect the real value of a bonus. With this in mind, you’ll want to opt for bonuses that feature a generous free bet amount combined with player friendly terms.

Sports betting sites that we recommend and are using.

Bet365: Great variety with a lot of sports and matches to choose from. The layout is great, and they are very generous with free bets and loyalty bonuses. Nothing bad to say about them.

Unibet: Our main pick is bet365 but the thing with Unibet, is that they usually have slightly better odds. Therefore we use Unibet a lot as well. But overall a great site that we definitely can recommend.

10bet: A betting site that is on the rise, and pretty unknown. However we have started to use 10bet lately and so far, i really like the experience and we will keep on using their site.

Which betting site is the best? - sports betting sites sports all over

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Which betting site is the best? – sports betting sites
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