Golf is a sport that witnesses many amateurs and wealthy individuals. It is not very often that people possess that right kind of training to pick up the sport. However, as we all know, training is synonymous with sport. It is absolutely vital.

At Westin Mission Hills, we recognize this problem. Our patrons and guests often go through this and need to take expensive lessons over a period of time to gain the desired mastery. We endeavor to solve it by aiding golf academies and providing direct lessons. We tackle this on two fronts.

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Firstly, we have partnerships with few golf academies across the state such as Palm springs, San Diego school and Napa Golf school at Hiddenbrooke. These are widely considered the premier institutions. When you have in hand our guest loyalty card, you can obtain discounts of up to 40% depending on the course, duration and number of people who enroll.

Secondly, we have our own training program in-house. We have assembled a group of instructors who are mostly ex-professionals and certified trainers. They put you through a 3-day intensive program where you learn all tips and tricks of the game such as posture, movement, stroke etc. This program has received a lot of favorable reviews from people who have undergone them.

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The best part of our in-house program is that you get a one-on-one training. We assign an instructor to you who can schedule his training based on your availability. It is entirely personalized. In fact, some of these trainers are also professional sports betters and can impart you a bit of wisdom on how to tackle that.

Post the legalization of sports betting by the Supreme court, sports betting has become a lucrative side-gig. When you learn the game, you understand the intricacies of it that in turn allows you to develop a solid understanding of players and their techniques. At that point, your odds of profiting on golf betting are sizeable.


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