The following are brief definitions on baseball wagering options available.

MONEY LINE: When you place a money line wager you are indicating which team you believe will win the event. The plus or minus money lines indicate which team is more likely to win. For instance: A minus money line indicates a favorite and the price. A plus money line indicates a "dog", or the team not favored to win. With this type of wager no points are involved when deciding the winner of the wager. Your wager may be "action" (no pitcher listed), one pitcher listed or both pitchers listed.

RUN LINES: Run line wagers are a special wager found in baseball. You might think of a Run Line wager as a combination of a money line and total wager. Like the money line, a run line wager has a price attached. However, unlike a money line wager, there is also a number attached to the wager. The number indicates how many runs will either be added or subtracted from the total runs scored by one team only. This result is used to determine the winner of the wager.

For instance: The Dodgers might be listed +1.5 with a price of -154. This wager means that on the Dodgers you risk $154 to win $100. To determine the winner of the wager, 1.5 runs will be added to the Dodger score. The other side of this wager would be Mets -1.5 with a price of +144. This means that for a $100 wager you will win $144. To calculate the winner of this wager, 1.5 runs will be deducted from the total score for your team. All Run line wagers use listed pitchers.

ALTERNATE RUN LINES: The difference in Alternate Run Lines is that the favorite is plus the runs at a significantly higher risk price. The dog will be minus the 1.5 runs, at a much higher win amount. For instance, using the teams above, on the Alternate Run Line the Dodgers would be -1.5 runs +231 and the Mets 1.5 runs -251. The same logic is used to determine the winner as with Run Lines wagers. Depending on your wager, you either add or subtract the runs. All Run line wagers use listed pitchers.

TOTAL RUNS: The total runs option indicates the total number of runs that will be scored by both teams. Total runs wagers may be placed either "over" or "under" the number listed. If you wager "under", for instance, you are saying you believe the total points scored by both teams in the game will be under the number listed. All Total Runs wagers use listed pitchers.


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