This one is perfect for the casual golfer. You know when you’re waiting on the tee box and the guys in front of you are all playing at that “the last thing in the world I want to do is go home to my wife” pace? You’re going to need something to occupy your time, and pissing in the woods only takes 30-73 seconds depending on how many beers you’ve had. If you’re playing at a decent course, there should be four tee box markers on the tee box, two blue and two white. The object of tee box golf is to hit all four of the markers in order and then your opponent’s ball before they do the same, alternating shots in between. It’s basically like Around the World in basketball, except you never remember being this high on a basketball court.

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Snake is very simple and revolves only around putting. If a person 3-putts (or more) on a hole, they are the snake and they owe everyone else in the group $1 (or whatever amount you agree on). That person remains the snake until someone else 3-putts, so if you 3-putt the first hole and nobody else does for the rest of the round, you’re fucked. If two (or three) people 3-putt the same hole, they’re all the snake and the person who didn’t 3-putt gets $1 from everyone else. Snake can rack up quickly if you’re playing for a decent amount, so the best strategy is to not worry about your score and just leave all your approach shots on the fringe to give yourself a free putt without it actually counting as a putt. #SnakeItTilYouMakeIt


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A bro’s guide to gambling on the golf course
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