Betting On US 2016 Election

British bookmakers have extended their wagering offer with numerous interesting betting options, one of them is Betting On US Election 2016 future US president.

The famous bookmakers are known for innovating and offering interesting and funny bets that step away from the typical betting options with the purpose of offering a different kind of entertainment.

Evidently, betting on the presidential elections proved to be a lucrative business since in 2012 William Hill Casino reported generating €13.8 million in wagers. Industry insiders believe that the 2016 election will bring in even more money.

Betting on us 2016 election with british bookmakers Wisconsin and

The elections in questions will be particularly interesting since the public will see a Clinton-Bush rematch, or to be more precise, a Hillary-Jeb rematch. William Hill is rooting for Clinton to win the presidency with odds 5-to-4. This means that for every 4 euros wagered players win 5 euros. Odds for Bush are 4-to-1.

Paddy Power Casino, a well-known leading bookmaker in Ireland, England and worldwide, offers 6-to-5 for Clinton and 5-to-2 for Bush.

Presidential candidates — who will win?

Furthermore, William Hill takes bets on Scott Walker, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin and the 2016 presidential candidate, with odds going from 33-to-1to 10-to-1. Other possible candidates are Marco Rubio (14-to-1), Rand Paul (14-to-1) and Chris Christie (25-to-1).

Betting on us 2016 election with british bookmakers going from 33-to-1to


Betting on us 2016 election with british bookmakers
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