There are many choices for where to bet online. However, it is not like it was ten years ago when there were hundreds it not thousands of betting sites and a new sign up bonus offer hit your mailbox daily, five times on NFL Sunday! Back then social media wasn’t really a thing. Betting forums and sites that gave sportsbooks rating stars or a letter grade were the best way to know if your sportsbook would survive Super Bowl if the -9 point favorite covered the spread. With a few exceptions, choosing today versus then is a lot like choosing your cell phone carrier. All the services are decent. So what matters?

Sports betting sites 50 parlay bettor should

Betting sites today have their niches. There are book’s in the high limit category, unique lines, low margin pricing, and like 10 years ago, bonuses bonuses bonuses! If you are a $50 parlay bettor should you be at the highest limit book or the best parlay payout site? Check out Predictem’s Best Sportsbook section as well as the betting site review below. Bookmakers are listed in alphabetical order and all site reviews, as well as best sportsbook categories in the menu above, are updated daily. Player feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Sports betting sites
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